What You May Not Know About Fish Drum:


Fish Drum, Inc. is a privately held multimedia organization that publishes the literary magazine FISH DRUM, produces short films, and gives council to a variety of emerging New York based businesses. This corporation was formed in February 1999 with Suzi Winson as President and Big Fish.

FISH DRUM Magazine, founded in 1988 by Robert Winson (1959-1995), now edited by Suzi Winson, is a literary review that appears as needed on the horizon in perfect-bound book form as the ultimate beach read for Bodhisattvas. Curious? Read on!

Fish Drum exemplifies the exuberant, talky, often elliptical and abstract "continuous nerve movie" that follows the working mind and has a relationship to the world and the reader. Fish Drum has a soft spot for schmoozy, emotional, imagistic stuff... also literate, personal material that sings and surprises... a place to discover zen oddities, carnivores, assorted larvae, immolation craters and wayward dragons.

Fish Drum has published works by Philip Whalen, Joy Harjo, Leslie Scalapino, Arthur Sze, Nathaniel Tarn, Alice Notley, John Brandi, Steve Richmond, Jessica Hagedorn, Leo Romero, Anne Valley-Fox, Judith Barry, Thomas Zummer, and Miriam Sagan. Press run is over 2000 for subscribers, libraries and bookstores.

Fish Drum Magazine is currently designed and perfected by writer and artist
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