What You May Not Know About Suzi Winson:


Suzi Winson with Wings, Photo: Donna Miskend Suzi lives in Paris and New York City, is a Publisher, Pierrot and a frequent flyer.

More specifically, she does a clown act, writes/consults for politicians, CEO's, and comediennes, teaches writing, pens her own drivel, jumpstarts small businesses, does somersaults thirty feet in the air on a flying trapeze, and publishes poetry.

With Dr. Julie Barnes Suzi is the co-author of the »Disaster Preparedness Project« for New York City which was presented by the Public Advocate's Office of NYC in 2002 and is still used by millions of New Yorkers. She is a board member of Poets In Need which provides emergency funding for elderly or infirm poets.

The major love is still reserved for Fish Drum, Suzi's inheritance from her late brother Robert Winson, for which she has published and edited a dozen or so magazines and books in the tradition of fine modern poetry, Zen and Buddhist practices, and contemporary B&W visual art.

All of this is made possible by a team of talent including artists/ designers/ thinkers/ doers: Brad Miskell, Ulrich Leschak, Julie Winson, Mani Tyler, Tom Zummer, Bill Garrity, Claudia Mandreucci, Allan Chapin, Greg Busdicker, Arlie Hart, Michael Rothenberg, and assorted buddies.

Photo by Donna Miskend:
Suzi Winson with Wings