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Fish Drum #13:

I hit on some of my favorite writers for prose, poems, and visuals relating to practice - zen, buddhism, writing, or even tennis, whatever one's thing is. What I got were fish poems, food poems, meatmarket prose, near buddhist experiences, zen jollies, angst and lust, all at oblique angles... hmmm, interesting.

Fish Drum has an intention: to be literate, to have personal opinions, to look at the zen biz and conciousness without being either precious or dogmatic, to follow the lively working mind, to amuse Robert Winson (the founder), and to incite writers and artists to work beyond their very edges of their nerve endings where the lyric serotonin is.

The work hangs together by mood, (mine), and by a communal effort not to follow directions, (everyone's). What eventually hatched was a jucier magazine than I had imagined. A thank you to all contributors for the surprise.

Suzi Winson, Editor

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