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Fish Drum #15:

This issue breaks away from the typical format of the magazine, being a chapbook of one author: New Mexico based poet Anne Valley-Fox. Cover art is by Nancy Sutor. Fish Drum design by Brad Miskell.

Anne Valley-Fox was born in Paterson NJ, 1946, in the wake of the bomb. She attended U.C. Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement, graced by writing classes with Josephine Miles and James Tate. She wrote TELLING YOUR STORY with Sam Keen, which was published by Doubleday and later reissued as YOUR MYTHIC JOURNEY (Jeremy P. Tarcher, Putnam, 1989). SENDING THE BODY OUT was published in 1986 by Zephyr Press. Look for her upcoming non-fiction work STEPMOTHER.

"Anne Valley Fox has stuck out her thumb on the Beat highway of American poetry. Her work, like Kerouac's "Mexico City Blues" partakes of both experience and the poetic map of experience. Valley Fox's poetry resonates on a thin wire between the beauty of language and a landscape that is pure heart."
Miriam Sagan, author of DIRTY LAUNDRY, 100 DAYS IN A ZEN MONESTARY

"The appearance of a collection of poems by Anne Valley-Fox in Fish Drum Magazine is a cause for celebration. The poems are sure, masterful. They are made of passion, of music, and of a tight-rope walker's willingness to risk. There is a Zen Koan quality to some of the poems; a raucous playfulness, too -- and all in satisfying proportion. My advice: Get several copies of Fish Drum Magazine, Volume 15. You'll want to send copies to friends."
Pat Schneider, Founder/Director, Amherst Writers & Artists

Suzi Winson, Editor

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